Ant Farm Top Clear And Bottom Underground Pet Anthill DIY Castle Ant Workshop

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Alt. Name: Ant House Upper and Lower Structures Ant Lifestyle Education Workshop
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: Acrylic, Glass
Model: Ant farm-Compress2Lyr//wfgogo//cn
Overall Size: 15x11x5cm
Feeding Area Size: 13x5x5cm
Nest Area Size: 13x6x5cm
Water Tower:
Nest Layers: 2
Mini Button Color Remarks: Ghost White is for Transparent/Clear item.

1. Acrylic ant farm with a moisturizing tower, the nest area has a large area of sponge that helps to conduct moisture and maintain proper humidity in the nest area.
2. With a spacious feeding area, you can watch ant preying.
3. The upper and lower structure of the nest, above is the feeding area, the lower part is the nest area.
4. Self-contained layered switch can be controlled according to the size of the ant colony.

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