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Let's have some funs for your pet cat dog. See the beautiful home and the transparent pet set ideas.

Our Clear Dog Step Ladder Blocks is a set of 3 modular lucite boxes, open on the bottom. Arrange the 3 clear blocks in ascending height to create a pet ladder for small pets to reach your sofa or bed. Held together by clear Velcro strips (included), these Lucite blocks are light weight and easily moveable.

Each clear block has non skid treads on the top to keep the pet ladder safe and chic. For a dog or cat, these multi functional pet steps offer fun and function, blending seamlessly into any room of the house. To pack away, each clear block fits inside the other or stack up, making them so easy to store.

Set up. Arrange the Lucite blocks in ascending order with the treads at the top. Apply the clear Velcro fasteners to hold them together. Velcro squares included.

Material: High-quality Acrylic - Lucite

Cleaning - Acrylic Stand:
- Use a clean, damp Microfiber cloth cleaned gently without any soap.
- If surfaces are visibly dirty, it should be cleaned gently using warm water and mild dishwashing soap prior to clean water, wipe with a Microfiber cloth.
- Do not use paper towels or any sponge with scrubbing surface.
- Do not use strong detergent, chemical cleaners, window cleaners or other disinfectants that contain ammonia.

Delivery: 7 to 10 weeks depend on the regions
Shipping Advice: Our customer service will update you the order status & tracking number.

Longer order period is due to the most pieces are made to order, no mass production no waste, Love the Earth, always! 

love the earth | the pet talk

Sold as set of 3 blocks:
1 Piece Small W11.5 x H5.5 x D10 in / W29.2.5 x H14 x D25.4 cm
1 Piece Medium W11.5 x H10.5 x D14 in / W29.2 x H26.7 x D35.6 cm
1 Piece Large W11.5 x H15.5 x D11.5 in / W29.2 x H39.4 x D29.2 cm
Clear Acrylic, Thick 0.25 in / 0.635 cm
Clear Velcro strips included
Maximum weight capacity: 80 lbs / 36.3 Kg
Assembled as 2-steps ladder, 3-steps ladder or each block use separately.

Brand: hiddin
Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
Identifier Exists: No

This is a custom product. 

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Patent Pending | Made in the USA

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