Feeder | Tall Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls 2-Quarts


Imagine if you have tall legs and yet give you the food on a very low table, how comfortable are you going to have that meal?

Same for the dog, the very low food bowl may result dog injure the neck, please see our new design tall legs stand dog food & water bowls for this purpose.

If you know any of your friends have large dog at home, please forward this message to them. You also can buy this as a gift to anyone own a large pet dog. See the beautiful home and the transparent pet set ideas.

Our Tall Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls is a chic choice for large dog dining. The 1/2" thick acrylic provides the strength, while the 12" height ensures an ergonomically correct eating position for your large pet.

This tall lucite dog bowl feeder includes lead free, 2 quart, stainless steels bowls. Clearly, this is the best looking, lucite tall pet feeder on the market and is made in the USA, under our watchful eye.

Set includes:
- 1 Piece Acrylic Stand, Thick 0.375 in / 0.95 cm
- 2 Pieces Lead-Free Stainless-Steel Bowl, bowl size 2 Quarts / 1.89 L

Material: High-quality Acrylic - Lucite

Cleaning - Acrylic Stand:
- Use a clean, damp Microfiber cloth cleaned gently without any soap.
- If surfaces are visibly dirty, it should be cleaned gently using warm water and mild dishwashing soap prior to clean water, wipe with a Microfiber cloth.
- Do not use paper towels or any sponge with scrubbing surface.
- Do not use strong detergent, chemical cleaners, window cleaners or other disinfectants that contain ammonia.

Cleaning – Stainless Steel Bowls:
- Use only mild detergents and clean it with scratch free scrubbing pad.
- Use a mixture of lemon juice and salt, or a baking soda paste to clean the bowl if it has brown stains.

Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks depend on the regions
Shipping Advice: Our customer service will update you the order status & tracking number.

Longer order period is due to the most pieces are made to order, no mass production no waste, Love the Earth, always! 

love the earth | the pet talk

Bowl Colour: Silver

Bowl Size: 2 Quarts / 1.89 L
Stand dimensions: W22 x H11 x D9 in / W55.9 x H27.9 x D22.9 cm
Weight: 11 lbs / 5 Kg

Please get a Feeder Tray if necessary.

Brand: hiddin
Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
Identifier Exists: No

This is a custom product. 

 the pet talk ship worldwide

Patent Pending | Made in the USA

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