Pet Cat Bowl Mat Double Layer Waterproof Non-slip Mat

Color - Pink
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Name: Non-slip EVA Double Layer Mat Protect Floor (Sand, Food, Litter).
Material: PU
Model Number: DB547//YT//

Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
Identifier Exists: No

New kitten products EVA cat litter mat, cat pads, folding double sided cat litter pad. 
It is made from durable and nontoxic EVA
Double color and double side, both sides can be used. 
The concave convex design can effectively clamp the litter on the cat's paw, prevent dirty floor and keep it clean. 
It can be folded and more flexible, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  
Large stampede area, suitable for all kinds of cats 
Can be used as moisture-proof cushion, soft and comfortable.  
It is easy to clean and can be washed or cleaned with water directly.  
Durable, clean, antibacterial, no distortion, no fading. 
It can also be used as a cushion for traveling.