Ant Concrete Farm House Nest Workshop Sand Castle

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Color - Black

antlt. Name: Pet Anthill Castle Sand Nest Ant Concrete House Workshop
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: Acrylic, Plastic
Model: Ant farm-2M//CHS//cn

Ant Nest:
- Concrete Ant Nest Ant New Nest Workshop Castle Sand Nest Ant Nest Acrylic
- The activity area plus the nest body is a set
- The Ant Nest Size: 95*50*103mm

Water Feeder:
- Water Tube Size: Diameter 15mm universal test tube feeder, suitable for 10-14mm expansion port
- The sponge strip needs to be exposed to the test tube mouth

Color Mini Buttons:
Black - Ant Nest 
White - Water Feeder 

1. Ant nest only Do Not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-2mm error due to manual measurements.
4. To avoid scratches, the outer layer of acrylic film is not torn off. Tear it off when you use it.

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