Bed | Clear Round Cat Dog Bed Match With Donut Cushion

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Color - Tan

If you have a beautiful house and want it to look neat always, the pet bed frame could be a right choice as it limits the pet cat or dog pulling the mattress beds anywhere in the house. It is also a great gift in the festive seasons or house warming. See the beautiful home and the transparent pet set ideas.

Our Clear Round Dog Bed with Donut Cushion is a perfectly round, perfectly modern pet bed with subtle beauty and pure transparency. This lucite pet bed is handmade in the USA. At 18" in diameter, this clear pet bed is designed for small dogs or cats.

The chic, fluffy donut cushion is washable and soft, in your choice of tan or blue/grey. Treat your furry friend to a modern, comfortable, Lucite pet bed that adds to your interior design and blends with any decor.

Material: High-quality Acrylic - Lucite

Cleaning: Acrylic
- Use a clean, damp Microfiber cloth cleaned gently without any soap.
- If surfaces are visibly dirty, it should be cleaned gently using warm water and mild dishwashing soap prior to clean water, wipe with a Microfiber cloth.
- Do not use paper towels or any sponge with scrubbing surface.
- Do not use strong detergent, chemical cleaners, window cleaners or other disinfectants that contain ammonia.

Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks depend on the regions
Shipping Advice: Our customer service will update you the order status & tracking number.

Longer order period is due to the most pieces are made to order, no mass production no waste, Love the Earth, always! 

Mini Button Colour (Item Specification Color):
Tan (Tan – The Donut Cushion)
Grey (Grey - The Donut Cushion)

Dimensions: Dia18 x H9 in / Dia45.7 x H22.9 cm
Weight: 22 lbs / 10 Kg

Recommended for small size dogs, up to 25 lbs / 11.3 Kg

Brand: hiddin
Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
Identifier Exists: No

custom made product no waste and saves the earth always | the pet talk


Patent Pending | Made in the USA

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