Clear Flat Ant Farm Ecological Ant Nest Feeding Wetland Workshop

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Color - Black

Alt. Name: Ant Nest and Feeding Area Two Section Optional for Two Different Types of Ants. 
Model: Ant Farm Wet Pool//wfgogo//cn
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: Acrylic, Plastic
Expansion Port: 2
Expansion Diameter: 10 mm
Pool Thickness: 2 cm

1. Large flat ant farm can accommodate more ants.
2. Two ant nest areas, can feed two different types of ants.
3. Ultra-thin ultra-transparent transparent acrylic material, easy to observe the living conditions of ants.
5. With 2 expansion ports, ants can easily move and expand to other nests.
6. Seamless connection of the activity area to prevent ants from running away.
7. Comes with a moisturizing pool to provide proper humidity for ants' life.
8. The water tank beside the swimming pool can observe the water level of the water tower at any time to facilitate water replenishment.

Color Mini Buttons:
Black - Model L4, Size: L18 x W18 x H5 cm
Blue - Model L6, Size: L22 x W18 x H8 cm

1. Ant nest only do not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-2mm error due to manual measurements.

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