Large Ant Colonies Ant Castle Honeycomb Plane Water Tower

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Color - Red

Alt. Name: Ant House Honeycomb Plane Mid-Large Ant Colonies Observation Education Workshop 
Type: Insects
Materials: Acrylic
Color & Style: (1) Style-A Black (2) Style-A2 Red
Size: 30x20x2.7cm

1. Nest Material is Acrylic and Easy Assembly With Stainless Steel Screw 304.
2. The Moisturizing method is the Drawer and Water Towel for Moisturizing in Ant House.
3. The Ant Nest is suitable for mid to large colonies. The queen and worker ants are responsible for their own duties. Worker ants work day and night to grow the colony.

1. Buy ant farms without sending ants and beautifying the environment
2. The size of the ant farm may have an error of 1-3mm

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Condition: New
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Customer Reviews

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Uriah Walker
Interesting ant house


Myrtis Toy
Interesting ant house

large nest.. good for my solenopsis

Monserrat Gulgowski
The installation menu well received upon request

Quick and all good, answered all my concerns

Blanca Nolan

A4 size, thick to accommodate ants of very large size, individual cells that hold very well if you flip the nest and easy for a small cleaning, the partitions very practical to start with a small colony, the moisturizing system very well thought out is sliding drawer... I have several nests but this one is by far the one I prefer! He comes up, so no missing room. By cons, it took me the day to disassemble it, remove the protective paper, wash it (it released a strong smell of chemical that disappeared when washing) and reassemble it. Just a flat: a screw was twisted and cracked a piece of the plexi. But he's worth his price... My dad will offer me the second;-)