1. Can I place an order without creating an account?
To make a purchase on thepettalk.com, you need to register a user account by using phone number or email; and also can login using Shopify's SHOP.

2. What are the benefits of being a registered user?
If you are a registered user with an account here at thepettalk.com, you get additional benefits and perks such as:
- Proceeding through checkout faster when making a purchase for those that have a hectic work schedule.
- Check the status of your orders.
- View past orders and quick re-ordering options.
- Enjoy discount on certain products or during festive seasons.
- Member Rewards
- Parcel Tracking Service updates online and offline
- The Customer Service is not a Robot

3. Why some color mini buttons for selection are not fully reflecting the color as per product image?
We are trying our best to provide, the closer color code according to the product image display, however, for the product with certain design and patent printing, the buttons will have limited function.

4. How to identify if the item has no stock?
The color mini button will have a diagonally cross or the Buy It Now button become blur.

5. Any taxes in the pricing?
The main pricing in display is in USD, exclude duty & taxes and Incoterms DAP (Delivered at Place); it will be the same if you prefer to select your own country currency on top-right currency dropdown list.