The Pet Talk Cat Communication

Cat Communication

The cat obvious responses are purring or rubbing. Domestic cats first appeared around 10,000 years ago, cats can read human facial expressions, suc...

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Walk the dog! - The Pet Talk

Walk the dog!

The pet and the pet owner If you are not very active, owning a dog could give you a very good reason to walk regularly. However, before adopting a ...

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the pet talk - cat story

Cat story

Cats are homeotherms Cats and dogs are homeotherms, meaning they maintain a fairly constant body temperature of 101.0 to 102.5Β°F (38.3 to 39.2Β°C), ...

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the pet talk changeable lizard in the weird position

sunbath in the weird position

Changeable LizardThe male lizard in typical breeding colours, with orange head and anterior part of the body, and black marking on the throat. The ...

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