Ant Farm Acrylic Flat Glass Gypsum DIY House Feeding Workshop Ecological

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Alt. Name: Flat Glass Gypsum Ant Farm with Feeding Area Ecological Education Workshop 
Model: Ant Farm Clear & Gypsum//wfgogo//cn
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: Acrylic, Gypsum & Glass
Overall Size: 10.5 x 13 x 6 cm
Gypsum Plate Size: 9 x 6 cm
Glass Size: 7 x 4 cm
Expansion Port: 2
Suitable For: Tetraponera Rufonigra, Harvester Ant, Camponotus, Polyrhachis and other kind of ants.

1. Ultra-clear ultra-thin glass is used as a cover for the nest area, allowing you to better observe the daily activities of the ants.
2. Using gypsum as a moisturizing material is more suitable for ants to live in.
3. The left third of the nest should be moist. The humidity will slowly spread to the right, and the ant will choose a suitable place to live.
4. Since high-density gypsum is used as a moisturizing material and water absorption is slow, it is recommended to add water slowly.

1. Ant nest only do not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-2mm error due to manual measurements.

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