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Adopting a puppy for the first time?

Adopting a puppy for the first time?


Prepare your home:
1. Discuss with your family members.
2. Walk through your home, get ready the space, discard the harmful items and remove items you don’t want to get chewed.

Necessary Items for dog:
1. Canned or dry food
2. Licensing according to local regulations
3. Routine veterinary care
4. Food and water bowls
5. Collar, four to six-foot leash and ID Tag
6. Portable carrier
7. Dog bed
8. Pooper scooper and plastic poop bags
9. Chew toys and some can insert treats
10. Super absorbent towels
11. Basic grooming such as Nail clippers, toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo, brush or comb
12. Gates

1. Dog training essential – It gives the dog a sense of structure and also enhance the bond both share.
2. Prepare for the behavior problems – It may be something like excessive barking, destructive chewing, separation anxiety or aggression.
3. A responsible dog owner - It means taking proper care of your own dog and accepting responsibility for your dog's actions, living in the community all together.

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