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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

1. Have regular bathroom breaks

It is important to take them outside to go to the bathroom at regular intervals so that they can learn a routine.

2. Have a closed off puppy area

Make sure to keep them in an enclosed space to lessen the chance of accidents around the house.

3. Puppy proof your floors

Use carpet that are stain and odor resistant for easily clean up any messes and get rid of the smell, which will discourage your pup from having another accident in the same area.

4. Only use treats for training

it's not a great idea to just give your dog treats because you think he or she is being cute, the "Treats” are only used as a reward when training and make it becomes fun.

5. Be consistent with commands

All the people in the home need to use the same commands for the dog to learn a word’s proper meaning, e.g. down, sit.

6. Make it a game

Rather than always relying on treats to keep your dog attention, you should make each training session fun for the dog so that it wants to participate.

7. Learn your dog's behaviour

Observing the dog’s behavior and knowing its breed temperament help training works.

8. Only teach one trick at a time

Let your dog masters one exercise at a time before moving onto another.

9. Keep training sessions short

Keep the training short and frequent, may be two short sessions in a day, puppy may not have the longest attention.

10. End each training session on a high note

Let your dog feels confident after end of each session.





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