Customized DTG Print & Embroidery Design Garments Washing Tips

Easy Washing Tips

Easy Washing Tips


For Different Types of Garments


Tee, T-shirt, CTG Print Tee, Embroidery T-shirt



The Wonderful of Laundry Bags


Protect your garment in any types – Thin or Thick fabric; Lingerie, Printed, Embroidery & Rhinestone shirts or pants.

  • Thin Laundry Bag – Any Thick Fabric garments; Printed, Embroidery T-shirt or same series shirts or pants.
  • Thick Laundry Bag – Any Thin Fabric garments, Lingerie, Rhinestone T-shirt or same series shirts or pants.
  • Optional - You can put your "INSIDE-OUTTee Shirts or Tops into the Thick Laundry Bag, you will notice at the end of the washed, the fabric is Less crumple, as such it is a good way to protect the Printed Design.

Try to get a few laundry bags of different size and thickness, check the zip and fabric quality, the good quality laundry bag is durable even multi-wash.


Thin Laundry Bag, Thick Laundry Bag, Good quality Zip Laundry Bags



STEP-1 Insert your “INSIDE-OUT” garments into the laundry bags before putting them into washing machine.

STEP-2 Wash in cold or warm water (not more than 40°C or 100°F), gentle wash cycle, NEVER be washed with Fabric Softener and AVOID using Bleach.

STEP-3 Tumble dry Low or hang-dry the garment; NEVER wring or twist your garment; the garment remain INSIDE-OUT” avoiding unnecessary sun damage and if possible.

STEP-4 Iron the garment INSIDE-OUT and adjust the heat based on the fabric types.


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Wow! Both look wonderful after washed.

the qooollooop embroidery hat and DTG printed Tee Shirt remain beautiful after washed




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