Acrylic Mini Ant Nest 3D Moisturizing Tower Active Observation

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Color - White

Alt. Name: Ant Farms Ant Acrylic 3D House Moisture Tower Mini Ant Nest Observation
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: Acrylic
Model: 3DAntFarm11v1//wfgogo//cn
Size: Model A (with sand): 9*11*5.2cm & Model B (smooth side): 9*11*5.2cm
Aperture: Dia10mm
Package Included: 1 Set *Ant Farm (Includes 1 Piece + shading plate).

1. The flat ant farm is better and easier to observe
2. This ant nest is suitable for novice use, new ant queen use, and small community use
3. The activity area and nest area include paving + sand
4. The nest contains a moisturizing water tower, and there are water injection ports and water level observation on the side, so as to better observe the water level and replenish later in time
5. The products are connected by 3D printing screws, which are tightly connected, so there is no need to worry about ants escaping
6. Use high-transparent acrylic material with red shading plate to provide a safer living environment for ants and avoid being frightened

1. Ant nest only do not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-3mm error due to manual measurements.

Mini Button Color (Type/Specification Color):
White (Model A: With Sand & Bottom Tray White)
Grey (Model B : Smooth Side & Bottom Tray Grey)

Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
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