Ant Farm Concrete House Flat Water Tower Expansion Ants Nest

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Color - Pink

Alt. Name: Ant House Ant Nest Flat Concrete House and Water Tower Unlimited Expansion Ants Nest Highly Moisturizing Ant City Workshop
Type: Insects
Materials: Acrylic, Plastic, Sand & Concrete
Model: Ant farm-ConcreteFlat//CHS//cn
Size: Nest 14*7*2cm and Activity Area 14*7*6.5cm. For details please see pictures.
Expansion Port: 5
Port diameter: 10mm
Flat Water Tower: 1

1. Feeding area and nest area can be spliced from front, back
2. Unlimited expansion of the capacity of the nest area, the use of link components, the connection is more secure.
3. Using concrete as a moisturizing material to provide an environment suitable for ants to live in.
4. There is a water tower in the nest area, which can better maintain the moisture in the nest area and increase the humidity in the nest area.
5. The nest area is equipped with a red shading board to make the ants feel safer.
6. Suitable for various ants to live and breed.
7. Flat ant farm is more suitable for observing the life of ants.

Color Mini Buttons
(i) Pink - Whole Set (Nest & Activity Area)
(ii) Yellow - Nest Only (Yellow Box)
(ii) White - Activity Area Only (Transparent Box)

1. Ant nest only do not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-2mm error due to manual measurements.

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Condition: New
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