Ecological Big Ant Nest Large Plaster Ant Castle Feeding Area

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Color - Black

Alt. Name: Ant Farm Plaster Gypsum Layers Ant Castle Ant Lifestyle Observation Education Workshop
Type: Insects, Ants
Material: PC Shell, Gypsum
Model: Plaster Ant Farm-2LYR-GYP//wfgogo//cn
Nest Stratified: 2
Expansion Port: 1
Overall Size: (i) Model A: 10x8x16cm (ii) Model B: 10x8x23cm
Nest Size: (i) Model A: 10x8x8cm (ii) Model B: 10x8x15cm
Feeding Area Size: (i) Model A: 10x8x8cm (ii) Model B: 10x8x8cm

1. The gypsum nest is closer to the real life environment of the ant and more ecological.
2. Nest is divided into two parts. Dry and wet separation, ants can choose their favorite humidity to live.
3. With expansion ports, it is convenient for ants to move and expand to other nests.

Color Mini Buttons:
Black - Model A Lower Nest Bottom Layer 8cm
White - Model B Higher Nest Bottom Layer 15cm

1. Ant nest only do not include the ant.
2. The nest is delivered with uninstall, it is easy to install in DIY style.
3. Please allow for 1-2mm error due to manual measurements.

Brand: thepettalk
Is Bundle: No
Condition: New
Identifier Exists: No

Customer Reviews

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Shakira Abernathy
Pretty ant house for pretty ants

Minsk reached exactly a month. Shipping was free, but still the goods came through cdek. The goods are packed more than good. Goes immediately in the collection. Farm quality at altitude. Later there will be ants, then I will add a review. ! !!!! This farm is only for prettiest ants!!!!

Hillard Hegmann
It's a relief when received item in good condition

Amazing product, great packaging!

Carey Schowalter
Well pack

Perfect and very robust packaging. Congratulations

Miguel Rempel
Take care to my house and the ant house too

The house is excellent! Neatly executed, heavy-this means that it will be difficult to drop it. But here is the delivery!! So long I thought he 'd never come.

Quinten Koss
Children great gift

Ecological Big Ant Nest Large Plaster Ant Castle With Feeding Area Pet Anthill Workshop